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About Us

Spaces and Beyond..

The White Frame – gives a vision to your imagination. We believe that every dream starts with a blank white frame that has myriad of ideas around your perfect home, we help translate your imagination into reality with our technology backed design prowess and highly involved and committed execution.

  • Our design process is unique from word go where we make use of one of its kind AI based platforms to help you articulate your imagination , ideas and thoughts .
  • Our approach to interior design and build is driven by the ethos of transparency, engagement and commitment at every stage from briefing to designing to execution ,styling and handover of the home.

I Transformative

Helmed with the transformative 3-D product suite of TWINN- Capture gives precise and accurate measurements, scans your space in minutes and generate a design ready 3-D model.

II Immersive

Experience an immersive virtual 3-D tour of your space to truly visualize a multitude of designs from our extensive library.

III Luxury Redefined

The White Frame brings together contemporary modern concepts and graceful minimalism, infusing spaces with an everlasting aesthetic charm, creating stylish modern environments that beautifully reflect their residents.